What is a Trust Deed?

A trust deed is a formal debt solution that lowers your monthly payments into a manageable amount and typically lasts 48 months. After this time, the remaining debt is written off. A protected trust deed means creditors have agreed to the arrangement. It means they cannot chase you for the money and cannot take court action against you to recover the debt.

  • Write OFF up to 85% of your debt

  • Pay back what you can afford in typically 48 months.

  • Have just one affordable payment every month covering all debts

  • Keep your home & car

  • Stop & reduce creditors and collection agency calls

  • Freeze interest & charges on your debts

How It Works

Advantages of a Trust Deed

  • Pressure from creditors is removed.
  • All correspondence and queries will be dealt with by the Trustee.
  • You can agree the proposal which will be put to creditors with your Trustee, therefore retaining a degree of control over your finances.
  • A Trust Deed is less costly than sequestration, and should result in a better outcome for your creditors.

Disadvantages of a Trust Deed

  • Existing arrestments continue to be effective. Although Councils who carry out earnings arrestments are generally willing to consider lifting arrestments upon Trust Deeds gaining protection.
  • You cannot be a company director of a limited company unless the company’s Articles of Association state otherwise.
  • The arrangement is binding on you as well as your creditors. If you were to default on the arrangement then the Insolvency Practitioner can petition for your Sequestration.
  • Entering into any arrangement with your creditors may affect your credit rating.
  • Creditors are not obliged to accept a proposal for a Trust Deed. However, the Trustee will negotiate with all of your creditors.

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